We provide professional development and skills enhancement programs leading to several certifcations awarded by Lincoln University Lesotho

We work closely with the industrial trainers to develop the programs that are highly demanded. All programs are carefully evaluated before approval for public offering. Learning outcomes and program objectives are the most updated and in line with the current trend of the industries.

We are offering the following programs :

  1. Certificate Teaching English Foreign Language
  2. DBA in Leadership
  3. Diploma AI Robotic and Mechatronic Engineering
  4. Diploma Coaching
  5. diploma in management
  6. Drama in Teaching
  7. Early Learning & Childcare
  8. Early Years Education & Care
  9. Early Years Practitioner
  10. EDES1 Theories & Concepts of Coaching & Mentoring within Organisational Culture
  11. EDES10 Globalisation & Corporate Governance
  12. EDES11 Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  13. EDES12 Managing and Leading in the Public Sector
  14. EDES13 Public Service Reform & Innovation
  15. EDES14 Public Policy & Politics – Theory & Analysis
  16. EDES15 Managing Public Sector Projects
  17. EDES16 Creating Strategic Leaders & Managers in Policing
  18. EDES17 Digital Transformation in Policing & Cybercrime
  19. EDES18 Strategic Risk Management
  20. EDES19 Responsible Leadership, Governance & CSR
  21. EDES2 Evaluating the Strategic Impact of Coaching & Mentoring
  22. EDES20 Organisational & Environmental Risk
  23. EDES21 Advanced Project Management & Logistics Management
  24. EDES22 Planning, Controlling & Leading a Project
  25. EDES23 Health & Social Care Leadership
  26. EDES24 Managing People in Health & Social Care
  27. EDES25 Health & Social Care Strategies & Policies
  28. EDES26 Sustainable & Ethical Business Management
  29. EDES27 Corporate Social Responsibility
  30. EDES3 Establishing Coaching & Mentoring in the Organisation
  31. EDES4 Organisational Change Strategies & Personal Development
  32. EDES5 Global Finance & Strategy
  33. EDES6 Strategic Financial Management
  34. EDES7 Investment Analysis
  35. EDES8 Strategic Management
  36. EDES9 Strategic Leadership
  37. Education & Training
  38. Educational Management and Leadership
  39. EE01 Working in International Schools
  40. EE02 Teaching Maths in English for Teaching in International Schools
  41. EE03 Teaching International Qualifications in International Schools
  42. EE04 Teaching Maths for non specialised
  43. EE05 Maths in STEM
  44. EE06 Science in STEM
  45. EE07 Principles of STEM
  46. EE08 Teaching Science in English for International Schools
  47. EE09 Application of Practical Learning and Teaching Strategies
  48. EE10 Designing Curriculum Electronically
  49. EE11 Teaching PSHE in International Schools
  50. EE12 How to Become a Mentor in International Schools
  51. Electronic Training of Trainers Professional Diploma
  52. Entrepreneurial Certificate of Learning, Teaching and Assessment (CEELTA)
  53. Executive Master in Business Administration
  54. Executive Master in Medical QiGong
  55. Executive Master in Qigong Therapy
  56. Executive MBA
  57. Extended Global Teaching Practice
  58. Global Teaching Practice
  59. Health & Wellness Coaching
  60. Inclusive Sport, Coaching, Leisure Management
  61. Industry Diploma in Digital Marketing
  63. International Certificate of Learning, Training and Assessment (ICELTA) ToT
  64. MBA in Leadership
  65. Pre-Master in Global Business
  66. Professional Bachelor in AI Robotic & Mechatronic Engineering
  67. Professional Bachelor In Ai Robotic And Mechatronic Engineering Technology
  68. Professional Bachelor in Diet and Nutrition
  69. Professional Bachelor in Medical Qigong
  70. Professional Bachelor in Qigong Therapy
  71. Professional Certificate for Certified Beautician
  72. Professional Certificate for Certified Beautician-Consultant
  73. Professional Certificate in Activate Human Blood Circulation and Self Healing Power
  74. Professional Certificate in Aesthetic Skill
  75. Professional Certificate in AI Computing Multimedia
  76. Professional Certificate in AI Multimedia Computing
  77. Professional Certificate In AI Robotic and Mechatronic Engineering
  78. Professional Certificate in Appraisal Course
  79. Professional Certificate in Art and Craft Master Facilitator
  80. Professional Certificate in Artisan Candle Master
  81. Professional Certificate in Beauty Sculpture
  82. Professional Certificate in Beauty Therapy
  83. Professional Certificate in Brain Development Training
  84. Professional Certificate in Business Administration and Accounting
  85. Professional Certificate in Business and Accounting
  86. Professional Certificate in Business Management
  87. Professional Certificate in Business Strategic Management
  88. Professional Certificate in Certified Beautician-Consultant
  89. Professional Certificate in Computer Hardware Repairing
  90. Professional Certificate in Contemporary Music Class
  91. Professional Certificate in Data Management
  92. Professional Certificate in Dry Needling
  93. Professional Certificate in Dry Needling & Acuphysio Level 1
  94. Professional Certificate in Equity Analysis & Portfolio Management
  95. Professional Certificate In Funeral Ceremony Service
  96. Professional Certificate in Green Living Creation
  97. Professional Certificate in Hair and Scalp Care
  98. Professional Certificate in Hairstyling Professional Course
  99. Professional Certificate in Healthcare and Wellness
  100. Professional Certificate in HSE Green Belt Certified
  101. Professional Certificate In Iridology
  102. Professional Certificate in Lean Six sigma Black Belt
  103. Professional Certificate in LPE Music & Dance Movement Techniques
  104. Professional Certificate in Makeup Artist & Image Design Full Course
  105. Professional Certificate in Manicurist (Start A Career Course)
  106. Professional Certificate in Mathematics Learning Master Facilitator
  107. Professional Certificate in Myofascial Release Therapy
  108. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course ( Anti-Wrinkle, Face Lifting, Korea Hydro Glow Skin Booster
  109. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course ( Anti-Wrinkle, Face Lifting, Korea Hydro Glow Skin Booster )
  110. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course ( Anti-Wrinkle, Lifting, Korea Hydro Glow Skin Booster
  111. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course ( Anti-Wrinkle, Lifting, Korea Hydro Glow Skin Booster )
  112. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course ( Face Lifting )
  113. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course ( Korea Hydro Glow Skin Booster )
  114. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course ( Lifting )
  115. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course (Anti - Wrinkle)
  116. Professional Certificate in Needlefree Course (Face lifting)
  117. Professional Certificate in Pet Grooming and Pet Care (Multiple Breeds)
  118. Professional Certificate in Photography
  119. Professional Certificate in Postnatal Care Therapy
  120. Professional Certificate in Professional Full Course Makeup
  121. Professional Certificate in Professional Makeup Artist & Image Design Full Course
  122. Professional Certificate in Quality Management Black Belt
  123. Professional Certificate in Soap Maker Course
  124. Professional Certificate in Soap Maker Master
  125. Professional Certificate in Sound Healing
  126. Professional Certificate in SPA and BEAUTY THERAPY
  127. Professional Certificate in T&CM Bioresonance According to Paul Schmidt (BaPS)
  128. Professional Certificate in The Secret of Numbers Mastery Course
  129. Professional Certificate in Train The Trainer ( Elegance Certified Bridal Makeup Artist )
  130. Professional Certificate in Train The Trainer ( Elegance Certified Children Etiquette Professional )
  131. Professional Certificate in Train The Trainer (Elegance Certified Colour Professional)
  132. Professional Certificate in Train The Trainer (Elegance Certified Image Professional)
  133. Professional Certificate in Train The Trainer (Image Mastery)
  134. Professional Certificate in Whole Brain Development Master Facilitator
  135. Professional Certificate in Wholistic Bone Alignment & Manipulation
  136. Professional Certificate in Women Empowerment Program ( Women Empowerment With Grace )
  137. Professional Certificate Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  138. Professional Certificate of Coaching In US Financial Market
  139. Professional Certificate of Competency in Postnatal Care
  140. Professional Certificate of Earning Release Options Trading Skill
  141. Professional Certificate of Intermediate Quality Control
  142. Professional Certificate of Specialty in Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy
  143. Professional Certificate SPA and BEAUTY THERAPY
  144. Professional Diploma in 3D Motion Design
  145. Professional Diploma in Aesthetic and Beauty Business Management
  146. Professional Diploma in AI Multimedia Computing
  147. Professional Diploma In AI Robotic and Mechatronic Engineering
  148. Professional Diploma in Business Administration
  149. Professional Diploma In Business Administration ( Branding Strategy & Management )
  150. Professional Diploma In Computer Science & Multimedia
  151. Professional Diploma in Computer Science and Programming
  152. Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts
  153. Professional Diploma In Early Childhood Education
  154. Professional Diploma in Fashion Design
  155. Professional Diploma in Health and Nutrition
  156. Professional Diploma in Hotel Management
  157. Professional Diploma in Interior Design
  159. Professional Diploma in Management
  160. Professional Diploma in Management ( Yoga Entrepreneurship )
  161. Professional Diploma in Management (Property Consultant)
  162. Professional Diploma in Qigong Therapy
  163. Professional Diploma of Arts and Social Sciences
  164. Professional Doctor in Business Administration
  165. Program in Library Automation, Digitization & ICT Management
  166. Research Methodology and Statistical Analysis
  167. Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools
  168. Statistical Analysis
  169. Teaching (TEFL) English Foreign Language
  170. Teaching Practice (TEFL) English Foriegn Language with Practice
  171. Training of Trainers (ToT)
  172. Working in International Pre Schools/Nurseries
  173. Working in International Universities